About the Writer

Hello! My name is Caitlin Eha and I’m an author, professional writer, and logophile.

I have been fascinated by the written word since I was a small child. Before I knew how to read, I would sit with a book and study the words, and after I learned to read, I spent hours devouring the piles of books I collected at local libraries and bookstores.

It wasn’t long before I began writing stories of my own. I gradually progressed from scribbling stories in old Composition notebooks to typing longer tales on a computer. At the age of 13, I completed my first (unpublished) novel and have not stop writing since.

Today, I have a B.A. degree in English with a focus in Creative Writing. I also double-minored in Digital Media and Writing & Rhetoric.

During my years in college, my goal was to specialize in fiction and screenplay writing but also gain experience in as many genres of writing as possible. The classes I took ranged from Professional Writing to Writing for Video Games and from Digital Cultures and Narrative to Advanced Workshops in Fiction and Screenwriting.

I first became a published author in 2016 when my freshman paper, “One World to Rule Them All,” was published in a national undergraduate journal (for more information, please visit the Academic Essays page). A year later, I became a Staff Writer for an online and print magazine called Area of Effect and continued contributing to the magazine for the next year and a half, until the publication closed.

In 2017, I took an Independent Study course and, under the guidance of my professor, completed a full-length (120 pages) feature film screenplay. This screenplay, titled To Kill a Secret, was selected as a 2018 Quarterfinalist in two international screenplay competitions, BlueCat and Scriptapalooza (see the Fiction and Screenplays page for more details).

Currently, I work as a Content Writer for the online magazine Think Christian. I have also contributed articles to two anthology books that released in 2019: Area of Effect: Wisdom from Geek Culture and Thy Geekdom Come: 42 Fandom-Inspired Devotionals.

Passion for the written word, attention to detail, and creativity are the primary skills that I bring to my work as a writer. The results can be read in this portfolio.