Academic Essays

“One World to Rule Them All: How J.R.R. Tolkien Used Original Intertext to Create Middle-Earth”

This is a rhetorical analysis essay that I originally wrote for my college Honors Composition class, and it became my first publication. I chose the topic because I’ve always enjoyed Tolkien’s novels and I wanted to study the rhetorical structure of his prose to aid my own writing. After the class ended, I submitted it to an undergraduate journal, Young Scholars in Writing, where it was accepted and published in their Spring 2016 issue.

This essay is not only a milestone in my writing career, but also demonstrates my writing skill by showing my understanding of complex rhetorical concepts, my ability to explain those concepts in an accessible way, and my depth of thought and analysis that I use whenever I write. Moreover, the unique concept I present in this essay—”original intertext”—demonstrates a contribution to the overall web of rhetorical research.

The full essay can be downloaded and read here from the Young Scholars website.