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“‘I Have Surely Seen the Affliction of My People'”

This blog post is one of several faith-based, devotional-style articles I’ve written on my author website. I wrote “‘I Have Surely Seen the Affliction of My People'” during a time of personal grief and crisis, and the blog post relates how God restored my faith and peace when I felt extremely broken.

This article not only demonstrates my ability to discuss my Christian faith on a deep level, but also shows that I can write in a personable style about very raw, human-condition issues. It also proves that I can write “devotionals” that are Scripturally sound and relevant to people’s personal lives.

The full blog post can be read here.

“Writing Mistakes of My Younger Self: Too Many Characters”

When I rediscovered a novel manuscript I wrote a decade ago, I read through sections of it and quickly identified several major writing pitfalls in my early work. With the experience I had gained as a writer and editor during the intervening years, I examined my old manuscript and used my discoveries to write a series of five blog posts on my author website. The blog posts each discuss a writing flaw from my old novel and present this information in a way that will help other writers avoid the same errors.

“Too Many Characters” is the first of the five blog posts in the “Writing Mistakes of My Younger Self” series. The entire series is posted on my author website/blog. This article, and its four successors, demonstrates my ability to detect and correct flaws in my writing, my skill in editing written work by any author, and my capacity for helping other writers improve their craft.

The full blog post can be read here.

NOTE: To view all of the devotional and writing advice blog posts on my author website, please visit the site archive here.

“Crafting Identity Through Cosplay: Exploring a Literacy Technology”

This is a literacy technology analysis blog post that I created in 2018 for my Literacy and Technology class. In this article, I analyze cosplay as a literacy tool, examine how it facilitates “identity writing,” and explore the effect it has on cultural factors, such as social interaction.

This blog post demonstrates my ability to dig deeply into a concept and draw scholarly significance from a topic that many scholars have ignored (at least in the context of literacy). In short, this article showcases my ability to think outside the box and analyze thoroughly.

The full blog post can be read here.