Articles and Anthologies

Thy Geekdom Come: 42 Fandom-Inspired Devotionals

This anthology book is a collection of devotional articles that explore Scripture by using pop culture parallels and analogies. I contributed 5 articles to the book (3 written solo and 2 co-written).

My articles in this anthology demonstrate my ability to discuss Christianity and pop culture in tandem, in ways that make both sources easier to understand. I avoided both watering down the Scripture references and distorting the pop culture, thereby respecting both source materials. My contributions also demonstrate my ability to collaborate with an editor over time, resulting in articles that feature my distinct voice while also fitting the publisher’s overarching vision for the book.

Thy Geekdom Come can be found here.

“Glimpsing the Almighty in My Hero Academia’s All Might”

Published in Think Christian magazine in July 2019, this article is based on the popular anime television series, My Hero Academia.

Most notably, this article demonstrates my ability to discuss a lengthy and complex storyline (spanning 3 seasons of content) in under 1,000 words, while still making the important plot points understood to readers unfamiliar with the show. Moreover, my discussion of the anime was done strategically to bring up topics that paralleled with Christianity and enabled me to make important points about both.

The full article can be read here.

Area of Effect: Wisdom from Geek Culture Vol. 1

For a year and a half, I worked as a Staff Writer for Area of Effect magazine. During that time, I contributed 21 articles to the publication. When the magazine closed, 3 of my articles were included in this anthology book, Area of Effect Volume 1. The anthology book can be found here, and one of my 3 article contributions is discussed in more depth below.

“Facing Anxiety in a Wide World”

This article parallels the experiences of Bilbo Baggins, the main character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and my personal struggles with anxiety. Tolkien’s works are some of the most well-loved novels in the world, and anxiety is a common struggle in today’s society. This article allowed me to blend the two into a very personal and very fulfilling piece.

“Facing Anxiety in a Wide World” shows my ability to be vulnerable in my writing and also reveals my insight into widespread issues, such as anxiety, that are relatable to many readers. Moreover, this articles demonstrates my ability to discuss sensitive topics in the context of pop culture, making the topic accessible and nonthreatening to readers while avoiding a glib treatment of the topic.

RWBY and Finding Strength in Weakness”

This article was published in Think Christian magazine in December 2018. It is not only a timely discussion of the Internet show RWBY, which had just begun its 6th season at the time of publication, but is also an exploration of what true strength means in Christianity.

This article demonstrates my ability to write timely content about new developments in pop culture. Like other articles mentioned above, it also shows that I can explore both pop culture and Christianity on a deep and meaningful level.

The full article can be read here.

NOTE: A full list of my contributions to Think Christian magazine as a Content Writer can be found here.